Als øst for Hadsund
Medium wave, Chop, Glassy Flat
Drive to Als, head to the Church and take the small road down to the grass area and water.
Very nice spot, it has a very large grass area for launching and lots of benches to hang out at. 
I think during summer holidays this area can become very busy, with boats and people. If that does happen then
try the Als Odde spot a little further down.

There are multiple flat water areas, waves, and also enough water for kiting when there is very low water levels at most other spots.
There is a deep channel which could make a fantastic speed strip in low water, but I still need to be try it.Not too much Eel grass and generally very clean water and white sandy bottom, no big rocks.Only restriction or actually more of a request.
Please do not ride past the walking bridge that comes far out into the water, this is on the Northern side, and is a long distance away from the spot.
Past this bridge there is grass areas  where birds can be nesting and if we go in this area, it could generate problems with the locals and bird watchers.
So please keep the peace. There is a huge area on the South side with so much space it is not needed to go into the area on the North side.Main Dangers,
There are boats and bouys in the water around these there are anchors in the water. There is one grey bouy in particular, that has two very large nausty anchors with big spikes. My advice is to be careful around them, avoid them with about 5m space and you should be okay There are afew tree branches stuck into the ground, I think this is to mark a general harbour area for boats.Wind direction to take note of
In a NW and SW it is possible to kite here but you will need to launch from the water.
In a N or S wind the grass launch area could be gusty due to trees around the area.I think the spot is best in a NNE to a SSE wind
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